Video: Michael Rault, ‘Neither Love Nor Money’

Michael Rault (Photo by Alice Baxley)

Edmonton-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Michael Rault says “Neither Love Nor Money” will do on his latest single, a buoyant psych-rock number about getting by and getting on. “I’ve run for the love and the money for some time, and it seemed fine / but now both of them ain’t coming, running dry” Rault sings over bouncy synths, strings and keys before horns steal the second half of the tune.

“This song features the hotshot musical team of Brian Wolfe on drums, Benny Trokan on bass, Billy Aukstik and Freddy DeBoe on horns, Mac DeMarco added a bit of synth and percussion, Chris Darley on some guitar, Lewis Pesacov added some additional production and engineering, and mixing by Jim Vollentine,” Rault wrote in an Instagram post announcing the release.

“Neither Love Nor Money” is the lead single off Rault’s forthcoming self-titled album β€” out June 10 via Wick Records – which follows his 2018 record “It’s a New Day Tonight.” The song also comes with a video that shows Rault orchestrating a heist and navigating a car chase and shootout.

β€œThe concept was created by director Ryan Baxley,” Rault says of the visual. “After I gave him the album and asked him to think about some possible video ideas, he coincidentally ended up watching a random ’70s B-movie car chase clip as the song came on, and he figured that was the approach we should take. We spent a day with a cool old car and van, slow motion chasing each other around East Los Angeles.”

Rault remains involved with a handful of other projects, most notably supporting his partner Pearl Charles and the Zamrock crew W.I.T.C.H.

||| Watch: The video for “Neither Love Nor Money”

||| Live: Michael Rault performs June 10, along with Pearl Charles, at the Airliner. Tickets.