Video: Ryan Pollie, ‘Best Love I Ever Had’

Ryan Pollie

Retro-pop troubadour Ryan Pollie last week released a new video for “Best Love I Ever Had,” one of the standout tracks on his recent album “Stars.” Directed by Rob Fidel, the visual is a charming complement to the song, featuring a parade of animated stars, rings, hearts and flowers set behind the musician. “I was thinking about the end of my life / and if she’s gonna be my wife,” the Philadelphia transplant gleams in the track, a feel-good love letter that came out of a spontaneous slide guitar experiment.

“I wrote ‘Best Love I Ever Had’ after spending the day recording my friend Teddy Grossman,” Pollie says of the song. “He was playing a lot of slide guitar in an open tuning and I was learning how to do it in real time. When I got home I was practicing, sort of imitating what I saw that day and this song came out! Super happy with how it sounds.”

“Stars” arrived in December featuring 10 cuts of Pollie’s wistful, guitar-forward folk-pop. “Best Love I Ever Had,” in particular, shows his knack for balancing levity and loss in his lyrics and melodies. The record followed his 2019 self-titled album and previous releases under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department.

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