Stream: Doe Paoro, ‘Divine Surrendering’

Doe Paoro (Photo by Max Wanger)

Doe Paoro – born Sonia Kreitzer – has been on a journey, or a lot of journeys. The Costa Rica- and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter shifted her attention to sound baths, sound healing and meditation practices after the release of her third album, 2018’s “Soft Power,” all of which led to her 2021 album “432Hz Chakra Suite, Vol. 1,” a collection of mantras crafted with Float Waves. Now Paoro is back with a new EP titled “Divine Surrendering,” due June 10. She announced the EP today with the release of the spare, soulful title track, which is meant to help listeners navigate grief.

“Oh, give up control again / it’s okay not to know again,” Paoro sings in the opening verse, her voice backed by soft keys and percussion. There’s a sense of self-compassion as she forges ahead: “I release what is not meant for me / I believe what’s meant for me will be for me.”

“‘Divine Surrendering’ is about learning to trust life with more grace and understanding that surrender isn’t a phase or a weakness, it’s the constant flow,” Paoro shares. “From birth to death, we each create our own plans but life has other plans for us and the more we can remember that we are safe to trust that, the more we can receive the blessings of not having to be in control. My prayer for this song is for it to specifically help people with the grief and dying process.”

Paoro’s new single is the first glimpse of her forthcoming EP, which was produced, mixed and mastered by co-writer Devin Gati (one song, “La Luna,” was written by Stella Maillot). The EP follows a string of singles released in 2020, including collaborations with Misty Boyce, Chris Wills, Spirit Palace and Maiah Manser.

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