Stream: The High Curbs, ‘Down’

The High Curbs (Photo by Leo Velasquez)

The High Curbs have always excelled at turning angst into abandon. The Chino-based garage-rock quartet has done this across a handful of DIY albums and EPs, and it’s what they do on their new single “Down,” a scuzzy, perturbed head-banger about bad thoughts.

“Down” opens with reverb-doused guitar chords then picks up with a tense drum beat, which gives way to frontman Eduardo Moreno’s worries: “Are you scared of the things you might’ve said to me back then? / Felt OK in the spring, but the winter’s gonna suck,” he sings, voicing a sentiment that should be familiar to anyone who dreads those shorter, darker days. In the chorus, Moreno sounds more annoyed and disappointed with himself than anyone else: “Well how could I feel so down when I’m around with you?” he howls.

“The song was written about having intruding thoughts but trying to pretend everything’s OK,” Moreno explains. “I was on vacation, a time when I was supposed to be enjoying myself, and instead I found myself trying to figure out what I was doing with my life while at the same time trying not to ruin the trip.”

“Down” follows The High Curbs’ previous single “Try,” and arrives just in time for their show at the Echo tonight. The band is rounded out by guitarist Alberto Alvarenga, bassist Kenny Huerta and drummer Aaron Korbe.

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