Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 241)

Cover image by Udit Chandra via

Here’s our rascal of a playlist this week; it’s one of those hours of music that won’t sit still. So get loud, get soft, get in-between with Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 241), featuring music from Dani Mack, the Tracks, A.O. Gerber, Dear Boy, Giant Waste of Man, King Mala, Reckling, the Paranoyds, More*, Skofee, Beginners, Milly, Evangeline, Cones and a bunch of other Los Angeles artists. Have fun, we did.

Dani Mack, “Fleabag”
Dear Boy, “Forever Sometimes”
A.O. Gerber, “Hunger”
The Tracks, “Mr. Brown”
The Paranoyds, “Single Origin Experience”
More*, “Anything Can Happen”
Reckling, “Verbalize”
Giant Waste of Man, “AMPM”
JMSEY & Beck Pete, “I’ll Be Okay”
Death Lens, “Not Impressed”
Beginners, “I Hate That I Love Brooklyn” (feat. Matias Mora)
OFF!, “War Above Los Angeles”
Milly, “Ring True”
King Mala, “Punchline”
Meija, “No Excuses”
Evangeline, “Will”
Skofee, “Where Do Hide Your Love?”
Cones, “The Tunnel”
Ashe, “Shower With My Clothes On”
Stephanie Hatzinikolis, “One More Time”
Fox Fagan, “Let’s Get Lost”
Hello Stranger, “True Believer”