Ears Wide Open: Royal Prismatic

Royal Prismatic

Royal Prismatic is the new venture of Nicola Wincenc and Aidan Dolan, musicians who have been active in various New York bands (the former in Caverns and the latter in JD & the Straight Shot and then Upright Man).

The duo’s first single, “Get On,” harks to the days of brooding, edgy electro-rock, coming at you three ways: opening verses over agitated beats, a dreamy pre-chorus and a build-up to its biggy, riffy rock moment. The song was produced by Robert Carranza (Beck, Ozomatli, the Mars Volta, Jack Johnson, Marilyn Manson, among others).

“‘Get On’ is the first song we wrote together when we decided we were going to be Royal Prismatic,” the duo says. “This song was written in a really long day. Aidan just moved back into the city and we were both really excited to make some noise together. We never really ‘jam’ — we always end up writing songs together. It started with a catchy guitar riff and synth bass to a programmed beat that Aidan was messing with in the studio early in the morning while Nicola was asleep. Little did Aidan know that Nicola would stay up till sunrise the next day fleshing out all the vocals and the song was basically done. A lot of those midnight vocals ended up on the master track.”

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