Ears Wide Open: Jake Tittle

Jake Tittle

Indie-electro artist Jake Tittle came to Los Angeles by way of Perris, where he grew up in a strict, Evangelical household. He began writing music at an early age, and began chasing his dreams of becoming a musician. His debut album, “Casual Lies,” was released in 2015, and he’s since produced a couple EPs and is getting ready to release his newest album, “Blood Offering,” on Sept. 2 via Anxiety Blanket Records.

“I wrote this record over about a four-year period,” Tittle says. “I’d just moved to Los Angeles, had become an agnostic after a lifetime of being religious and going through some relationship troubles that eventually lead to the end of my marriage. ‘Blood Offering’ is me trying to work through everything I had been feeling during those years.”

On the album, the songwriter enlisted the support of longtime friend and producer Jon Joseph, as well as James McAlister (known for his collaborations with Sufjan Stevens) and backing vocalist Lexi Vega (Mini Trees). The single “Nose Bleeds” saw Tittle collaborate with Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin. The song features an infectious bass line and a sweet melody and duet, and finishes in a lo-fi, acoustic style.

Director Katie Neuhof’s video for “Fair Warning” sees Tittle strumming his guitar in the back of a U-Haul while friends load up the truck with furniture and his essential holiday decorations, adding levity to the somber visuals and heaviness of the song. The truck navigates the streets of L.A. with the back wide open while Tittle sings directly to the camera, wondering where he’s going next.

||| Stream: “Nose Bleeds” (feat. Illuminati Hotties) and “Carrots”

||| Also: Watch the video for “Fair Warning”

||| Live: Jake Tittle plays the Wayfarer on Sept. 1 (tickets), the Silverlake Lounge on Sept. 2 (tickets) and 4th and Vine in Long Beach on Sept. 11.