Premiere: Jordi Up Late, ‘Hoax’

Jordi Up Late (Photo by Dolly Ave)

Like her visual art, which spans animation, film, drawing, ceramics and printmaking, Jordi Up Late’s kinetic pop music takes on many hues, all of them vivid.

The L.A.-reared singer-songwriter and self-taught producer, born Jordan Tager, has grown artistically since she debuted in 2020 with the single, “Facts.” The 24-year-old imbues her nimble electro-pop with plenty of frankness but keeps the temperature constant: warm. So even a kiss-off song like her new single, “Hoax,” sounds more sweet than acrid.

“I’m too blunt / and you’re too emo,” she sings on “Hoax,” which rather than any kind of misinformation refers to the delusion a relationship had become.

“I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly sweet or bubbly person. I get moody and I get annoyed and I need space,” Jordi says. “So when I found myself in a relationship with a happy-go-lucky type, the personality imbalance created a creeping disillusionment. The tension festered over time into my feeling he was either fake or emotionally one dimensional. Either way the relationship became a ‘hoax’ and disintegration was inevitable.

“The lyrics and concept flowed easily after I created the synth riff and the backbone of the song,” she says, adding that with co-production by rising Australian songwriter-producer Brux and mastering by Amy Dragon, the song became an entirely “female-engineered single.”

“Hoax” is Jordi Up Late’s first release of 2022 and her first after signing with WRKSHP, a new music-based lifestyle company in Detroit founded by producer Che Pope and entrepreneur Dan Gilbert. She plans to release more music before the year is up, and yes, the visuals are Jordi’s as well.

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