Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 246)

Cover image by Joshua Hoehne via

We took the holiday weekend off, but we’re back with Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 246), a potpourri of songs drawn from the last two weeks of sifting and blogging. Press play to hear the latest from Madame Gandhi, Gabriels, Ruth Radelet, King Mala, Young the Giant, Sara Noelle, Young Jesus, Surf Curse, Kennedy, Timmy Skelly, Ashlynn Malia and more. Find more Buzz Bands LA playlists on our Spotify hovel.

Madame Gandhi, “Crystals & Congas”
Young the Giant, “My Way”
Sara Noelle, “Blooming Yucca”
Gabriels, “Angels & Queens”
Young Jesus, “Rose Eater”
Surf Curse, “Self Portrait”
Beginners, “Goodbye, Good Luck”
Milly, “Marcy”
Winter, “Good” (feat. SASAMI)
Kennedy, “Katamaran”
Ruth Radelet, “Stranger”
Triptides, “Where I’m Going”
A.O. Gerber, “For”
Jordi Up Late, “Hoax”
Timmy Skelly, “Come Thru!”
Gloomer, “Wait Up”
Ashlynn Malia, “Lucky Guess”
King Mala, “I Hope You Know What You’re Doing”
Down Time, “Melted”
Broken Baby, “Make Manager”
Dream, Ivory, “Would It Kill You at All”
Zzzahara, “Cupid’s Out Tonight”