Stream: Brenda Carsey, ‘I’m Sorry’


Brenda Carsey’s new single is at once an apology, a plea for help and a reckoning.

The latter is a core concept behind the L.A. singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album, “Cognizance,” on which she lends her soulful voice to hymns of self-reflection. The album centers on “striving to be an ever-changing and better version of yourself for both the people around you and for yourself.”

She introduced the record earlier this summer with the singles “Party’s Over,” a warning about lifestyle choices, and “Just Trying to Do My Thing,” a bright, piano-fueled self-affirmation.

“Cognizance” is the follow-up to 2020’s “Sirens,” which was released just as the pandemic choked the live musical activities that have long sparked Carsey. During the lockdown, she hunkered down creatively, even detouring from pop-soul to make a DIY, all-electronic album, “Box Cutter.” She bided her time with the songs on “Cognizance” until she could record them properly, finally doing so with engineer Mark Rains at Station House Studio.

||| Stream: “I’m Sorry”

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||| Live: Brenda Carsey celebrates the release with a show at the Goldfish on Thursday. Tickets.

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