Ears Wide Open: Jei-Rynn

Jei-Rynn (Photo by Aubree Estrella)

After introducing his alt-pop persona Jei-Rynn early this year, singer, songwriter and genre-blurrer Jason Ledesma is gearing up for the release of his debut EP, “Overreacting.” His style draws from alternative acts like Twenty One Pilots and Yungblud, but with a darker edge that’s made apparent in his visuals and ’00s emo-rock influence.

After playing in bands for many years, Jei-Rynn went solo during the pandemic, penning songs that drew from his experiences of anxiety, depression and affirming his identity. His visual style when dreaming up music videos draws inspiration from the likes of David Lynch, Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick, which help his misfit narrative come to life.

Early 2022 saw the release of Jei-Rynn’s debut singles including the catchy “Screaming Inside” and emo-forward “Walk Away.” He enlisted a range of heavy-hitting producers, including Alex Newport (Bloc Party, At the Drive-In), Alex Arias (The Mowgli’s, Matchbox Twenty), Marshall Gallagher (of Teenage Wrist). For the debut EP, what comes together is a familiar alternative sound that shines with production by ZK Productions (Mayday Parade, All Time Low), with one track produced by Arias.

“Sleeping (All Day)” sounds radio-ready, with a catchy, repetitive melody and programmed beats. “I’ll be sleeping all day / because the past wouldn’t go away,” he sings in the chorus, letting the song build into screeching guitars and shouting vocals. It’s a song many alt-heads will want to get out of bed for.

“Overreacting” is out Oct. 21.

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