Stream: The Album Leaf, ‘You Are’ (feat. Saro)

The Album Leaf

Ambient music maestro Jimmy LaValle’s volumes of work as the Album Leaf are like sonic snowglobes, miniature worlds of their own. Over two-plus decades, he’s made seven full-lengths along with a host of EPs, collaborative releases and soundtracks. They rarely fail to amaze.

“You Are,” released Friday, is the Album Leaf’s first composition with vocals since 2016. Alt-R&B singer Saro is LaValle’s collaborator.

“When writing the song, I wanted to create something full of emotion, confidence and strength,” LaValle says. “I reached out to my frequent collaborators, Clarice Jensen to add cello, Jake Falby for violin, James McAlister to add more synth textures and, then, Saro to sing. I met Saro a couple years earlier, we spent a day in the studio together, and I loved his voice and delivery. His vocal sits beautifully within the music.”

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