Ears Wide Open: Militarie Gun

Militarie Gun (Photo by Tracy Nguyen)

Rewind to the ’90s hardcore, alt-rock, punk scene and queue a moshpit. That’s just one way to experience the music of Militarie Gun, the L.A.-based rock group led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Ian Shelton.

Militarie Gun started in March of 2020 when Shelton found himself with idle time and unused practice space. You see, after South By Southwest was canceled and Shelton no longer had to rehearse with his former bandmates in Regional Justice Center, he had all the time in the world. So, he did what any passionate musician would do with the free space and free time — he wrote music. And that music would go on to become the bulk of Militarie Gun’s 2020 EP, “My Life is Over.” A fitting title for a dark time.

Now Miltarie Gun has expanded into a full-fledged band, welcoming Nick Cogan and William Acuña on guitar, Vince Nguyen on drums and Max Epstein on bass. The five-piece recently announced their signing to Loma Vista Recordings along with the release of the new single, “Let Me Be Normal,” which will be featured on the deluxe release of “All Roads Lead To The Gun,” out Oct. 21.

The upcoming 12-track album features singles from previously released EPs, such as “Ain’t No Flowers” and “Don’t Pick Up The Phone,” in addition to four new tracks, including this new single.

“Let Me Be Normal” boasts aggressive guitar, driving drums and lyrics that yearn of fitting in. The track’s accompanying video, directed by Shelton and animated by guitarist Acuña, complements the style and even features an 8-bit baby being thrown into a dumpster.

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