Ears Wide Open: Power Pink & Sweet

Powder Pink & Sweet (Photo by Piper Ferguson)

L.A.-based dream-pop group Powder Pink & Sweet transport you to an ethereal world, one full of airy, spacious sounds that calm and nod along. Their latest single, “My Fragile Heart,” is pensive, with chorus guitars, ghostly vocals and wide-open spaces.

Self-recorded with support from Gavin Ross, and mastered by Anni Casella, “My Fragile Heart” is the perfect accompaniment for a mid-afternoon daydream. Founding member and vocalist Cris Verso says, “My Fragile Heart is a vulnerable and honest unpacking of emotions.”

It’s the follow-up to the group’s previous single, “Slightly Hopeful,” an ever-so-lightly groovier tune, with steady bass and distant guitars. “‘Slightly Hopeful’ is about hoping that something – be it a situation or even life itself – will work out positively, but having doubts and being cynical that it actually will work out for the best,” Verso says. “It’s a sort of once bitten, twice shy.”

Both singles will be featured on the group’s debut seven-track album, “Little Stories,” which is the culmination of music over the last several years. Originally forming in 2016 after the passing of Verso’s mother, the vocalist says the music the band creates is an outlet of expression. With the pandemic finally behind them, they’re ready to share with the world their first collection of atmospheric, dreamy tunes.

“These songs represent the struggle to balance hope and positivity,” Verso says. “…With an undercurrent of melancholia and heartache.”

“Little Stories” is out on Nov. 4.

||| Stream: Stream “My Fragile Heart”

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