Stream: Madame Gandhi, ‘Set Me Free’

Madame Gandhi (Photo by Bret Hartman)

Madame Gandhi has announced an upcoming EP, “Vibrations,” and has shared a new single, “Set Me Free,” which closes the five-song release. This follows the release of the seductive and rhythmic single “Crystals & Congas,” which came out of her love of meditation, crystals, music and healing. “Set Me Free” sees the artist and activist heal from a break-up through the powerful and entrancing anthem.

“‘Set Me Free’ is about moving into personal freedom from a place of love, wisdom and awareness,” the artist says. “I wanted to write a tune that makes my audience wanna dance around their house in their underwear, motivated by past relationships, situations, jobs or arrangements that no longer work for them! This song is about joyfully calling in and manifesting the life we do want, the love we do want, the people we want, and recognizing that this shift starts within. I make music with the intention of wanting to inspire change, joy, growth, evolution and happiness. It is a message that I think anyone listening can connect with.”

With its smooth bass line, various percussive sounds and jazzy saxophone lines, it’s a tune that would be welcomed at raves and bedrooms alike.

“Vibrations” will be the final act of a three-part series, following 2016’s “Voices” and 2019’s “Visions.” This project comes post-Pandemic and explores personal liberation and activism, and her evolution of love. “Vibrations” is set for release later this year via Sony Music Masterworks.

||| Stream: “Set Me Free”

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