Ears Wide Open: Holly Blair

Holly Blair

It’s not often you’re reminded of the beauty that exists in this world. Nowadays it’s mostly bad news, divisive politics, road rage, and conflict. Despite all the negative, there is rising goodness still very much alive, and acts like Holly Blair are here to remind us of it.

The L.A.-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter makes this clear in her latest single, “See This Through.” The tune explores the ebb and flow of romance that ultimately comes to an end. It’s not quite a love song, but rather a sincere statement at a certain point in time.

“I wrote it as a love song. It was about the kind of love that transcends all bounds of time and space, but at the same time creates a deep undercurrent that something isn’t quite right,” Blair says. “In retrospect, it’s not really a love song. It’s about wanting to give everything you have to go down a road despite knowing that at some point it ends.”

In the video for “See This Through,” which includes a curious little intro, Blair, who co-directed it, shares intimate moments with a love interest, who is actually her ex-lover, so the emotions, the passion and the intensity are real.

“See This Through” is Blair’s second release, following last year’s cover, “Me & Magdalena,” a song that was written by Death Cab for Cutie’s Benjamin Gibbard for the Monkees. Blair’s new original is the first of batch of song’s she made with Tim Carr, the singer-songwriter-producer who is currently the drummer for Perfume Genius and Fell Runner and previously worked with Haim and a host of others.

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