Video: Gal Musette, ‘Je Vois le Ciel’

Gal Musette

An unsettling curiosity turned obsession is the central theme in Gal Musette’s new single, “Je Vois le Ciel.”

Produced by Jonathan O’Brien and sung entirely in French, “Je Vois le Ciel” draws inspiration from the famous poet and screenwriter, Jacquest Prevet, and his style of “song poems” — orchestrated works consisting of free verse, sentimental drama and light humor. With baroque-style piano, Musette’s seductive vocals, and a haunting theremin, performed by Via Mardot, “Je Vois le Ciel” explores human temptations and desires.

In the video, directed by Maria Garcia, with cinematography by Wes Cardino, we watch Musette’s character observe with genuine interest an elderly couple deeply in love. Yearning for love and finding pleasure in watching the couple, Musette undergoes a transformation in the avant-garde film, abandoning herself and becoming something new. What started as an innocent fascination becomes a consuming fixation.

The single is the first new release from the San Clemente-bred singer-songwriter, born Grace Freeman, since her 2021 album “Backwards Lullaby.” This year, in collaboration with Holland, Mich., songwriter Olivia Mainville, aka Via Mardot, Musette released reimagined versions of three of the songs.

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