Ears Wide Open: Steven van Betten

Steven van Betten

Steven van Betten is an L.A.-based songwriter, composer, storyteller, music instructor and band leader (notably, of Fell Runner) who crafts music that explores the human condition. His new single, “I Didn’t Mean to Do That,” showcases his talents in exceptional fashion.

It’s a lighthearted tune — one that accepts the flaws inherently part of being human. It’s true that we all make mistakes. What matters, however, is facing that fact head-on.

Betten says, “I Didn’t Mean to Do That” is “a reflection on mistakes, and how some mistakes (though painful at the time) can age quite well.” Adding, “They become funny, entertaining and even cherished memories, parables of personal growth shared openly with friends around the dinner table … Even the most severe mistakes are fundamentally human and universal, and by looking at them with compassion we can forgive each other and ourselves.”

While this is Betten’s first solo endeavor, he is no stranger to music. Outside of being a music instructor, Betten has played in a number of projects. Last year, he released “No Branches Without Trees,” an eight-track album written in collaboration with Andrew Rowan.

“I Didn’t Mean to Do That” is an inside look at van Betten’s upcoming debut album, “Friends & Family,” set to release in 2023 via Future Gods.

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