Watch: New videos from Loyal Lobos, Lauren Ruth Ward and Sara Noelle

Loyal Lobos (Photo by Martin Nguyen)

Catching up with recent videos from Loyal Lobos, Lauren Ruth Ward and Sara Noelle

LOYAL LOBOS, “You’re Nobody” and “Bummed”

Two years since her debut album as Loyal Lobos, “Everlasting,” Andrea Silva has returned with two slices of pop cinema this fall. The most recent, “You’re Nobody,” is a glistening kiss-off, and the video finds the Bogotá-born singer-songwriter flexing at the Salton Sea. It was preceded by “Bummed,” the video for which was filmed in Mexico City and directed by George Gallardo. After releasing “Hate My Face” last year, it’s clear that Loyal Lobos’ well of lush pop is far from dry. See Loyal Lobos on Nov. 13 at the Moroccan Lounge.

LAUREN RUTH WARD, “Suburban Ego”

Known for bluesy vocals that can leap tall buildings in a single bound, Lauren Ruth Ward dials it back on her aching new single “Suburban Ego,” the follow-up to this summer’s “Messiah.” Ward inhabits two characters in the new single’s striking video, co-directed by Savannah Sivert and Taylor Hinds. Ward performs Nov. 17 at the Sun Rose in West Hollywood.

SARA NOELLE, “Color of Light on the Water”

Take a few moments to breathe here … The follow-up to “Blooming Yucca,” “Color of Light on the Water” is the latest from ambient folk-pop artist Sara Noelle’s third album, “Do I Have to Feel Everything.” Produced by Dan Duszynski, it releases on Jan. 27. Kelsey Boncato animated the video for the song, which introduces itself with sound bowl waves. “This song came together after seeing a book called ‘Wildflowers of the Sea,’ which sparked a lot of the imagery,” Noelle says. “I liked the thought of letting go of passing time — viewing it as light and echoes throughout the water, each color representing a part of myself or my past that comes together in one body of water. The sound bowl in the song represents that ripple.”