Stream: Ceci Bastida, ‘No Tengas Miedo’

Ceci Bastida

Singer-songwriter Ceci Bastida has worked in many styles dating back to her days in Mexican ska-punk band Tijuana No! On her new solo single, “No Tengas Miedo,” it is lush electronic pop.

Framed by cascading beats and warm synths, “No Tengas Miedo” (Don’t Be Afraid) is an intoxicating affirmation of a bond between two people, and the strength it can yield. Bastida delivers the first two verses in a sensual coo — declaring that she won’t be hurt because 1) she’s not alone, and 2) she’s strong, too —  then speak-sings the last, as if to punctuate the song’s theme: “Siempre contigo siempre contigo es / Nuestro camino es nuestro camino” (Always with you, always with you / It’s our path, it’s our path).

The song was co-produced with New York-based Alex Epton, formerly known as XXXchange from Spank Rock. Bastida worked with him on the lead track from her 2016 EP, “Un Sueño” (feat. Aloe Blacc), a song that was inspired by a group of los desaparecidos from Mexico.

The song will appear on an album that will arrive in the new year — “mostly inspired,” she says, “by migration and displacement, but also love (and greed).” Bastida’s last album, “La Edad de La Violencía,” was released in 2014.

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