Video: Ella Ruby, ‘In My Car’

Ella Ruby (Photo by Eliana Dunlap)

Singer-songwriter Ella Ruby Scudder-Davis is a Seattle native who releases music as Ella Ruby. She crafts folk tunes that are light to the touch, yet freighted with self-interrogation and discovery, as if life’s most astounding ah-ha moments arrive with book in hand in front of a warm fire. (They often do.)

In October, Ruby, 23, released her debut EP, “Baby Blue,” which reckons with growing up, affairs of the heart past and present and, on “In My Car,” the highlight of the five-song collection, boundaries.

After all, her SUV is outfitted with just about everything she needs. The song is, Ruby says, “an ode to my most extravagant expense and most sacred hiding place. An ode to boundaries, which I’m learning are often ignored even when clearly expressed. An ode to security and safety and the power that comes from saying no, again and again and again. An ode to creating space for myself.”

Owen Halstad filmed and directed the video for “In My Car.” As for the EP, it was made with a stellar cast of SoCal talent. Jon O’Brien produced at his Music Box Studios in Idyllwild, and contributors included Eric Cannata (Young the Giant, Coma Culture) on guitar and bass, Grace Freeman (aka Gal Musette) on piano and backing vocals and Kevin Farzad (Sure Sure) on drums.

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