Premiere: Aloud, ‘The Comeback Kid’

Aloud (Photo by Fiona Cansino)

L.A.-based rockers Aloud have been flexing their classic rock-inspired muscle for well over a decade, since Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa were teenagers in Miami. They grew their sound in Boston before planting themselves in L.A. five years ago, and five albums into their journey, they’re a force.

Their 2020 album, “Sprezzatura,” a formidable collection of songs that accented Aloud’s standard four-piece lineup and male/female vocals with horns and strings, suffered from not getting the live exposure it deserved (thanks, pandemic). Undeterred, the band — Beguiristain, de la Osa, bassist Charles Murphy and drummer Chris Jago — rallied and got to work on a new album, collaborating remotely.

And speaking of rallies, the first single is titled “The Comeback Kid.” It’s a bluesy rocker carried by de la Rosa’s fiery vocals (Aloud haven’t been compared to Alabama Shakes for nothing), stinging guitars and a relentless rhythm section. Sound effects make it pop even more.

The single, officially out on Friday, is the first taste of Aloud’s new album, “Apollo 6,” assembled at Jago’s Shabby Road Studios in Woodland Hills and arriving next spring.

Beguiristain makes “Apollo 6” sound not so much as a blastoff, but as another in a series of missions in Aloud’s personal development. “To me, growing up is about learning who you are … and how to stop trying to be anyone else,” Beguiristain says. “This album is all about moving past what you’re told to be, or to want, or to feel. It’s about letting go of things that weigh you down and being fully yourself.”

||| Stream: “The Comeback Kid”

||| Live: Aloud perform Friday night at the Goldfish, supporting Harry Katz & the Pistachios and the Dream Boats. Tickets.

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