Video: Arms Akimbo, ‘Holding On (Finale)’

Arms Akimbo

Arms Akimbo — Peter Schrupp, Matthew Sutton and Colin Boppell, now that Christopher Kalil has moved on to his solo project, Saint Christopher — conceived their debut album as an episodic television sitcom. In doing so, they segregated it by genre: A trio of folk songs, followed by four pop tunes and then four rockers.

The album, “East LA ETC.,” is out today in all its humor, hijinks and, notably, keen sense of melody. And its big finish is “Holding On (Finale),” a pop-rock anthem that’s exemplary of the album’s songcraft. Though not reinventing any of the genres the album embraces, the trio tugs on the same heartstrings as artists such as Cayucas, Local Natives and Freedom Fry.

Will Houlihan directed the video for “Holding On,” as well as each of the other (mostly shorter) clips for each of the album’s “episodes” on the album. They’re on Arms Akimbo’s YouTube page

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