Video premiere: Sneakpeek, ‘Dreams That You Discarded’

Sneakpeek (Photo by Sylvie Lake and Seven Ruck)

In 2013, Sneakpeek — the duo of Dora Hiller and Aric Bohn — released their debut album on Burger Records, an eight-song collection of fuzzy, narcotic psych-rock.

Having taken the project off the shelf after nine years, the duo return this week on another high: the dizzying euphoria of underground disco. Sneakpeek’s “Dreams That You Discarded” is the first single from a full-length the duo will release in 2023.

“For the past two years we’ve gotten obsessed with obscure electronic music from the ’80s, specifically from overseas,” Hiller says. “The high-energy dance vibes brought us a lot of joy and comfort during lockdown. We like to make music we want to hear, so I feel like our inspirations always seep through.”

Paige Stark (of Tashaki Miyaki, for whom Hiller was the original bassist) directs the video for “Dreams That You Discarded,” which was shot on 16mm film by Arlene Müller and garnished by Ken Jenkins’ multi-colored special effects. It fits the track’s energy — exhilarating and vaguely dangerous, with Hiller’s airy vocals casting sublime charms over swirling, rubbery synths. There’s a tasty guitar solo, too. “Now a spell is breaking / Destiny creating what is mine,” she sings.

The song is “about recognizing that it’s never too late to reignite dreams that we have lost or forgotten,” Hiller says. “When we hypnotize ourselves into a state where we can trust that everything is happening exactly as it should, we can easily tap into the flow of life.”

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