Stream: Giant Killer Bats, ‘Yom Petty’

Giant Killer Bats

Singer-songwriter McCoy Kirgo launched his solo project Giant Killer Bats in 2019, the year after Talk in Tongues played their final show.

GKB’s debut EP came out in 2021, and now Kirgo is back at it, with 4 1/2 minutes of sparkly guitar goodness on the playfully titled single, “Yom Petty.” It’s a tasty morsel for fans of Teenage Fanclub.

Kirgo made the song at Chad Carlisle’s garage studio in Montebello when he was house-sitting. “It was great,” Kirgo says. “Just me, a couple dogs and a 15-year-old cat named Nicholby. I’d wake up, get coffee and head out back to the studio. … ‘Yom Petty’ developed quickly. I always have the songs fully fleshed out before I start tracking, but this one in what seemed like a matter of hours was just fully all there (except for the riff guitars, those drove me insane). It’s one of a few I tracked while I was there. I had that moment of clarity where I was just like, ‘this has to be the first one I put out.’” Marshall Gallagher (Teenage Wrist) did the mix.

||| Stream: “Yom Petty”

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