Video: Chad Tepper, ‘1-800-IDONTKNOWYOUANYMORE’

Chad Tepper (Photo by Jonathan Weiner)

Chad Tepper, the L.A-based alt-rocker, leads an exciting life. A once pro-skater and early YouTube star, Tepper is an entertainer, a charmer and a flag-bearer for the pop-punk revival. This was made abundantly clear when he signed with Epitaph Records this summer, which has led to the release of a batch of new singles, including “1-800-IDONTKNOWYOUANYMORE” and “Don’t Wanna Die.”

“1-800-IDONTKNOWYOUANYMORE,” a blast of pop-punk confessing to and lampooning an unhealthy obsession with his ex. “This is a love song about being obsessed with someone because you think you know them, but then find out you really don’t,” Chad explains. “It’s the kind of love that makes you do crazy things, and then when you’re not with them anymore you miss them so much that even a split second of not being with them physically hurts.”

As for “Don’t Wanna Die,” it’s an upbeat, light-hearted tune that dives into what Tepper would like to be doing if the world were to end. “Everyday, people wake up and feel like it’s the end of the world – and truth be told even if it was, I feel like we need to enjoy every moment and not care so much about the little things,” Tepper says. “I wanted to tell everyone in a song what I’d be doing if it was the end of the world.”

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