Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 250)

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Dive in to Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 250), Buzz Bands LA’s latest playlist, featuring songs from Cary Brothers, Echosmith, Lauren Ruth Ward, Polartropica, Death Valley Girls, Jacklen Ro, Blitz Vega, Arms Akimbo, Sneakpeek, Chad Tepper, Aloud, the Arcs, Jane., Jenny O., Archer Oh, the Singles and more. It’s good for whatever might be ailing you, and a good way to slide into this holiday week.

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Jacklen Ro, “Sunshine, I’m Counting on You”
Lauren Ruth Ward, “Mindseye”
The Arcs, “Heaven Is a Place”
Blitz Vega, “Strong Forever”
Death Valley Girls, “What Are the Odds”
Arms Akimbo, “Holding On (Finale)”
Ella Ruby, “In My Car”
Giant Killer Bats, “Yom Petty”
Jenny O., “Solitary Girl”
Jane., “Sun in My Eyes”
Lila Drew, “Used To”
Sneakpeek, “Dreams That You Discarded”
Mae Mae, “Green”
Cary Brothers, “Neon Lovers”
Chad Tepper, “Don’t Wanna Die”
Aloud, “The Comeback Kid”
Indiana Bradley, “Rats on Cocaine”
Archer Oh, “Rotary”
The Singles, “Incantations”
Pearl & the Oysters, “Pacific Ave”
Echosmith, “Gelato”
Jordi Up Late, “To Be Your Friend”
Polartropica, “What’s Your Fantasy”
Half•Alive, “High Up”