Ears Wide Open: Andy Stavas

Andy Stavas

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Stavas is known for his work in the on-again/off-again art-rock ensemble Kiev.

His solo work includes three albums and an EP of neo-classical instrumental music released between 2018 and ’21 — sweeping, palate-cleansing collections, led by his emotive saxophone- and piano-playing, which should be on the radar of anybody who practices serious meditation.

Stavas’ soundscapish new EP, “A Practice In Expanded Awareness,” brings his vocals into the mix while leaving intact his spirit of experimentation and compositional grace. He made it as a DIY project at the Warehouse in Orange, “motivated by the desire to bring its performance to the stage while also exploring personality through meditation,” he says, adding that it was further inspired by the birth of his second child last year.

Fans of Radiohead, downtempo Menomena, Klangstof and, yes, Kiev (whom Stavas describes as standing “stoic in perpetual hiatus”) should have a listen.

||| Stream: “A Practice in Expanded Awareness”