Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 251)

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Dive in to Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 251), Buzz Bands LA’s latest playlist, which arcs from rock into the netherworld of experimental pop, folk and rock and back again. We’re warming up our engines for our annual year-end playlist, but in the meantime you can zoom through tracks from King Tuff, Allie Crow Buckley, Pigeon Club, the Know, Isaac Watters, Junaco, Sofia Bolt, Scott Goldbaum, Jake Hays, Alexa Villa, Fell Runner, Taleen Kali and more.

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Pigeon Club, “Is Will Soon Be Was”
The Know, “Used to Be”
Jake Hays, “All I’ve Got to Say”
Andy Stavas, “A Fine Line Between Love and Fear”
Allie Crow Buckley, “Naked at the Feast”
Fell Runner, “Turn Off the Lights”
Wallice, “Japan”
Isaac Watters, “Child in the Rain”
Junaco, “Faces”
Scott Goldbaum, “Mourning Coffee”
Sofia Bolt, “All She Wants” (Van Dyke Parks edit)
Meija, “How You Like”
Faire Osciller, “Get Through”
Taleen Kali, “Fine Line”
Giant Waste of Man, “Creditor”
Alexa Villa, “Bored”
King Tuff, “Portrait of God”
Strawberry Fuzz, “East of the 405”