Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 252)

Cover image by Maxim Berg via

With the year winding down, this might be our final regular (almost-) weekly playlist of 2022. So press play on Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 252), Buzz Bands LA’s latest mix, featuring songs from Blondshell, Aundrey Guillaume, Cuco, Hoogenboom, Beach Bums, Problemas, Osnova, Geia, Indiana Bradley, Maraschino, Alicia Blue, Wyatt Blair and more.

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* At time of publication, the Problemas single had not yet made it to Spotify, but we will add it as soon as it does, because it is not to be missed …

Blondshell, “Veronica Mars”
Osnova, “Too Convenient”
Aundrey Guillaume, “Dungeon”
Geia, “All Girls to the Front”
Nik Freitas, “Where Did We Go?”
Problemas, “Emerald”
Hoogenboom, “Skipping Town”
Maraschino, “Hi Desire”
Indiana Bradley, “Animals”
Alicia Blue, “I Want It Faster”
Beach Bums, “Mystkluv”
Rachel Goodrich, “I Can’t Remember”
Wyatt Blair, “Something About You”
Seven Layer Piano Cakes, “Holy Water”
Wam Dingis, “Gallery Girl”
Cuco, “Pendant”