L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 10 on 88.5 The SoCal Sound


Join me at 10 tonight on 88.5 The SoCal Sound for the L.A. Buzz Bands Show — on this week’s local music hour, I’ll have tunes from a bunch of artists playing live in the next couple of weeks, including Windser, Brother Swan, Strawberry Fuzz, Brenda Carsey, Wyatt Blair, Polyplastic, Supergloom and Ear Ringers. Plus, I have new tunes from Widows Gold, Taleen Kali, Heady Daze, Wayne Faler, Nik Freitas and more. And we’ll rewind a decade to 2013 for this week’s flashback track, from Hands.

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Polyplastic, “I See a Dip”
Brother Swan, “Good Luck Baby”
Strawberry Fuzz, “East of the 405”
Royal & the Serpent, “Love Abuser (Save Me)”
Widows Gold, “Never Had You at All”
Hoogenboom, “Skipping Town”
Taleen Kali, “Tomorrow Girl”
Heady Daze, “Heady Daze”
Aloud, “The Comeback Kid”
Windser, “Capsize”
Supergloom, “Cut the Ties”
Brenda Carsey, “Man of Mine”
Wyatt Blair, “Something About You”
Wayne Faler, “Turned on End”
Ear Ringers, “Solo Hay Momentos”
Nik Freitas, “Where Did We Go?”
Hands, “Brave Motion” [2013]