Stream: The Heavy, ‘Hurricane’s Coming’

The Heavy (Photo by Tim Waller)

You know the Heavy from their 2009 hit “How You Like Me Now?,” which seemed to be everywhere in the few years after its release: multitudinous TV shows, commercials, video games and, memorably, Barack Obama’s 2012 election victory celebration. You might have even witnessed it when the Heavy darned near tore the roof off the Hammer Museum in 2010 when they played one of those enormously fun free summer concerts.

So, yeah, we still like them now, albums and albums later, and their occasional visits to L.A. are good reasons to work up a sweat. The Heavy recently announced that their sixth full-length, “Amen,” will be out April 21. “Hurricane’s Coming” is the punk-funk-soul outfit’s new single, so feel the breeze. The quartet’s tour brings them to L.A. in May.

||| Stream: “Hurricane’s Coming”

||| Live: The Heavy plays the Troubadour on May 17. Tickets.