Video: Photo Ops, ‘You Must Not Need a Friend at All’

Photo Ops

With acoustic guitar and piano building cumulus thought bubbles and his lyrics filling them with mild reproaches, songwriter Terry Price is back with a new single as Photo Ops.

“You Must Not Need a Friend at All” introduces Photo Ops’ new album, “Burns Bright,” the follow-up to 2020’s “Pure at Heart” and its devastatingly pretty moments such as “Walking Under the Trees” and “Palm Trees.”

“On the whole record, I was very interested in space, and the contrast being acoustic, natural sounds and instruments and the analog synth,” Price says of his new collection of dream folk music. “There is something very striking about how natural it can still seem — processing the loss of a relationship, from indoors, looking outside, allowing myself to feel the loss and the passing of anger into an honest grief and complaint of what is left.”

Bliss Braoudakis directed the video for the song.

“Burns Bright,” which was made with multi-instrumentalist Patrick Damphier and features contributions from Kip Boardman and Ben Kaufman, is out April 28.

||| Watch: The video for “You Must Not Need a Friend at All”

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