Ears Wide Open: Devon Thompson

Devon Thompson (Photo by Kelly Walsh)

We can all say that at some point throughout our lives, we’ve given too much thought to what other people thought of us. And even though we know better than to let it affect how we view ourselves, somehow it still does. This relatable theme is the focal point of singer-songwriter Devon Thompson’s new single, “Soft Like Water.”

“I was so insecure my whole life and felt like I wasted years worrying about what other people thought of me worrying about not fitting in,” says the 20-year-old L.A. native, who has been writing and releasing songs (and acting) since she was in her early teens. “I was watching a video of a creature on the bottom of the ocean floor being pulled around by the current, and I thought that was me.”

A raw, driving rocker “Soft Like Water” was recorded in a body shop in Ventura by James Salter (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Ravonettes, Gringo Star). In fact, the drums were set up and recorded under an elevated vintage Porsche. To say Thompson was chasing a classic sound would be an understatement.

In the video for the tune, produced by Shawn Simon, we see Thompson strumming away on an Epiphone semi-hollow body while belting away her sorrows.

“Soft Like Water” is Thompson’s first new music since her 2021 release, “Red February. She’ll be performing at SXSW.

||| Watch: The Video for “Soft Like Water”