Video: Matthew Logan Vasquez, ‘Over It’

Matthew Logan Vasquez (Photo by Brynn Osborn)

Less than a year after the band he co-founded, Delta Spirit, released their sixth album, Matthew Logan Vasquez is back with plans to release a new solo full-length. “As All Get Out” will be released April 7 via Austin’s Nine Mile Records.

For the California-reared Vasquez, now based in Wimberley, Texas, it will be his fourth record, the songwriter having taken to solo work after members of Delta Spirit spread themselves all over the continent in the middle of last decade. The high-energy delivery and reflective lyrics of Delta Spirit’s work have shone in his soulful indie Americana as well.

The new album got a spirited introduction last week with the single “Over It,” a serious-minded tune with a light-hearted video.

First, the song, which is about band drama: Or, Vasquez says, “when you show up with the intention of making the best music you can, but the people you’re working with unwittingly sabotage the end result. … Personality, politics and ego make collaborative art hard. But looking back after I wrote this song, I realized how often I’m a pot calling the kettle black. I’ve been the bully in the band at times.”

The video, directed by Barbara FG, stars the songwriter’s Texas neighbors — and his son, Thor, whose performance, Vasquez jokes, was “paid for in Nintendo Switch games.”

||| Watch: The video for “Over It”

||| Live: Matthew Logan Vasquez plays the Wayfarer on April 6 (tickets) and the Moroccan Lounge on April 8 (tickets). Parker Gispert (of the Whigs) opens both dates.