Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 256)

Cover image by Allison Saeng via

Dive in to Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 256), Buzz Bands LA’s latest playlist, featuring the latest from Deb Never, Blondfire, Gabriels, Gregory Uhlmann, FIDLAR, Double Wish, Eyedress, War Strings, Steady Holiday, Good Bison and more. See links to what we wrote about these songs below, and find all our recent playlists on our Spotify hub.

Deb Never, “Momentary Sweetheart”
FIDLAR, “Centipede”
Mediocre, “To Know You’re Screwed Is to Know a Lot”
Blondfire, “Age of Innocence”
Gregory Uhlmann, “Again and Again”
Steady Holiday, “Newfound Oxygen”
Gabriels, “Offering – A Colors Show”
Nick Waterhouse, “Play to Win”
Crocodiles, “Degeneration”
Blame My Youth, “Prizefighter”
Double Wish, “Know It All”
War Strings, “Surreal”
Good Bison, “Better Lies”
Giant Killer Bats, “Red Square Dancer Girl”
Eyedress, “Flowers & Chocolate”