Video: Mars Rodriguez, ‘Todo Presente Futuro es Mejor’

Mars Rodriguez

Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Serrano is DIY dynamo who releases music under the name Mars Rodriguez. A native of Nicaragua who fled the country “the day before it went crazy,” she told an interviewer, she writes and produces her music (and sings in three languages), performs as a one-woman band and creates and sells visual art.

Especially with her most recent releases, Rodriguez makes every song feel like an art project. Her experimental music draws from a wealth of influences, post-punk among them.

Her latest is “Todo Presente Futuro es Mejor,” inspired by a book authored by her grandfather, writer and philosopher Alejandro Serrano Caldera, “Todo Tiempo Futuro fue Mejor” (“All Future Time Was Better”). The musician’s sprawling dive into the metaphysical features lyrics in both English and Spanish.

“Your past, present and future are happening simultaneously,” Rodriguez says. And, as the song gallops toward eight minutes, it’s happening almost in a state of narcosis.

The impressionistic video for the song was filmed by A.Z Media and edited by Rodriguez. Time might not be the only thing that is an illusion.

Rodriguez is currently in the studio working on the final mixes for her album “Mañana Nobody Knows,” expected this summer.

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