Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 257)

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It’s been a couple weeks since we dropped one of these — here’s Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 257), Buzz Bands LA’s latest dose of new sounds from around Los Angeles. Herein: News songs from Sego, SWIMM, Gal Musette, Gal Pal, Royaljag, Valley Queen, Draag, Ritual, Mars Rodriguez, Joh Chase, IRESS, Joey Dosik and more. Give ’em a spin.

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Ryan Ritual, “Slip Away”
Sego, “Tandang”
Death Valley Girls, “Islands in the Sky”
Frankie Rose, “Comeback”
The Active Set, “In Between Lovers”
Joh Chase, “Lucky Penny”
Royaljag, “Activate”
Valley Queen, “Pavement”
Joey Dosik, “Beat the Same”
Gal Musette, “Plateau”
Kid Bloom, “Walk With Me”
SWIMM, “Talk to Me”
IRESS, “Ricochet”
Mars Rodriguez, “Todo Presente Futuro es Mejor”
Gal Pal, “Mirror”
Collapsing Scenery, “The Right to Life”
Draag, “Mitsuwa”
Sand Box, “Porcelain Dolls”
Niina Soleil, “Happy Pills”
Rose’s Pawn Shop, “Old Time Pugilist”
Maraschino, “Kamikaze”