Premiere: Easy Dreams, ’25 Moons’

Easy Dreams (Photo by Mike Wilson)

When Oklahoma-native, post-punk musician Meredith Meyer (Young Unknowns, solo) met Midwest noise-rocker Brandon White (Cuss Words) while waiting in the snow for a single bathroom for 200+ people at a storage space party in Brooklyn, they hit it off with a common love for the Flying Burrito Brothers’ debut album, “The Gilded Palace of Sin.” The police breakup of the party didn’t keep them apart, and they soon reconnected and started stirring up a mix of country with psychedelic and synth textures together. 

With both now relocated in Los Angeles, their project, Easy Dreams, is ready to push off the dock here with Kenny Kupers and Pete DiBiasio joining on drums and bass, respectively.

 “25 Moons” is the lead single introducing their debut album, “Sunformer,” due out May 12 via their label Yall Beat Records.

The alt-country-folk-tinged song finds faith in the stars while battling internal doubt. Says the duo, “’25 Moons’ is a backdrop to that moment when you’re cheers-ing your friends after getting through a rough one. It’s about the kick of life. It’s being able to throw your arms open and embrace all the peaks and valleys, good or bad.”

The album reflects the highs and lows experienced the last several years, including Meyer becoming the caregiver for her mother, who died last year. “It became much more of a ‘I gotta get this off my chest’ thing,” said White. “When you have that kind of big time kind of stuff, it becomes less subtle. It’s like you’re shouting it from the mountaintops. You know you’re going through this level of distress and other people are going through it. And if we can make somebody feel better through what we’ve been through, I’m going to do my best to do it.”

Adam Lasus (Yo La Tengo, Helium, Army Navy, Juliana Hatfield), who produced the album at his Studio Red in North Hollywood, said, “When I met with Easy Dreams, I knew we could capture some magic together. The songs just kind of exploded and blossomed in a very natural way.” 

“We can’t wait for people to hear it,” said Meyer. “Hopefully that comes across when we play. We’re dying to play these songs for you.” 

The band celebrate the release of “25 Moons” at The Three Clubs in Hollywood on Wednesday, March 29. Limited edition 7″ vinyl of the single will be available for sale.

||| Watch: The video for “25 Moons”

||| Live: Easy Dreams play at The Three Clubs this coming Wednesday with Strange Parade, Sam Slick and Brandon McCulloch (tickets).