Photos: Fleet Foxes at the Belasco Theatre

Fleet Foxes at the Belasco, March 22, 2023. Photo by Stevo Rood / ARood Photo

Fleet Foxes’ appearance at the Belasco on Wednesday night wasn’t billed as a concert but as “The Spring Recital.” It promised to be a special night — a celebration of the publication of Robin Pecknold’s book of Fleet Foxes lyrics, “Wading in Wait-High Water,” a precursor to the band’s big summer tour and the appearance of an unannounced special guest.

Joanna Newsom turned out to be that guest, performing for the first time in three years as she joined the band during the encore for “Blue Spotted Tail” and a rendition of her own “Good Intentions Paving Co.” There were other highlights as well, as Daniel Rossen joined Fleet Foxes for two songs — and on one of them, “Hejira,” the bass was manned by Pecknold’s father, Greg.

Fleet Foxes devoted eight songs to their latest album, 2020’s “Shore.”

The band circles back around to L.A. on that aforementioned summer tour, opening for My Morning Jacket at the Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 20.

Setlist: Sun Giant, Wading in Waist‐High Water, Sunblind, Can I Believe You, Ragged Wood, Your Protector, He Doesn’t Know Why, Featherweight, Third of May/Ōdaigahara, Phoenix, Bedouin Dress, White Winter Hymnal, Mearcstapa, Mykonos, I’m Not My Season. Hejira (with Daniel Rossen), Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman (with Daniel Rossen), Maestranza, Blue Ridge Mountains, Grown Ocean. Encore: Going-to-the-Sun Road, Helplessness Blues, Blue Spotted Tail (with Joanna Newsom), Good Intentions Paving Co. (with Joanna Newsom)

Photos by Stevo Rood / ARood Photo