L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 10 on 88.5 The SoCal Sound


Join me at 10 tonight on 88.5 The SoCal Sound for this week’s edition of the L.A. Buzz Bands Show — our latest local music program features new singles from Fatal Jamz, Oddnesse, Cheekface, Social Drag, Wallice and Franky Fox, plus tunes from soon-to-arrive albums from Johanna Samuels, Valley Queen, Allie Crow Buckley and Sam Blasucci. To top it off, I’ll have songs from new albums/EPs from Nick Waterhouse, Blondshell, Mediocre and more.

If you’re out of FM range, click here to stream the show at 10 p.m. Find recent shows in the archives. And please consider subscribing to support public radio.

Valley Queen, “Chord of Sympathy”
Blondshell, “Kiss City”
Fatal Jamz, “Cult Star”
Allie Crow Buckley, “Cowboy in London”
Johanna Samuels, “Ugly on the Inside”
Sego, “Surrender”
Mediocre, “Together Together”
Cheekface, “Popular 2”
Franky Fox, “Back to Sleep”
Oddnesse, “Drive Your Car”
Social Drag, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”
Wallice, “Best Friend”
Nick Waterhouse, “Late in the Garden”
Eva Gonzalez, “Let Me Out”
Joey Dosik, “Beat the Same”
Sam Blasucci, “Sha La La”