L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 10 on 88.5 The SoCal Sound


Join me at 10 tonight on 88.5 The SoCal Sound for this week’s edition of the L.A. Buzz Bands Show. Featured this week on the local music program: new tunes from Cobra Man, Polyglam, the Know, Butch Bastard, Girlhouse, Trousdale, Wax Owls, Superfan and Geographer, along with a block of folk featuring the Milk Carton Kids (headlining the Los Angeles Folk Festival at the Ford in October), Sam Blasucci (debut album out in June) and Rose’s Pawn Shop and Grand Canyon (both of whom are playing Americana Fest West at the Hotel Café next weekend).

If you’re out of FM range, click here to stream the show at 10 p.m. Find recent shows in the archives. And please consider subscribing to support public radio.

Deb Never, “Momentary Sweetheart”
Butch Bastard, “Tina Turner Legs, Richard Nixon Eyes”
Girlhouse, “You Don’t Think About Me”
Nitefire, “Dumb Like Daisies”
Cobra Man, “Thin Ice”
Polyglam, “Adored”
The Know, “Me”
Superfan, “For You”
Wax Owls, “Bring the Rain”
Trousdale, “Movie Star”
Mediocre, “Together Together”
Rose’s Pawn Shop, “Old Time Pugilist”
Grand Canyon, “Wallflower Girl”
Sam Blasucci, “Linger”
The Milk Carton Kids, “Star Shine”
Geographer, “One / Other”