Stream: Jess Kallen, ‘Ink’

Jess Kallen (Photo by Ren Shelburne)

“I chronically ruminate,” Jess Kallen confesses. “Most days my head is like a rock tumbler. Gets pretty noisy.”

Thankfully, the singer-songwriter, heretofore known as a guitar teacher and ace side player for the likes of Rosie Tucker, Alex Lahey and Temme Scott, is committing those ruminations to song. Kallen’s debut album, “Exotherm,” will be out June 21 via New Professor Music.

On the scratchy new single, “Ink,” Kallen sounds like one trying to put a hopeful spin on irascibility. The Wolfy-produced album was recorded in just two days, capturing songs written in the throes of the pandemic. So when the songwriter delivers the line, “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, the time flies when nothing changes,” you just nod along and think: Been there.

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||| Live: Jess Kallen plays Club Tee Gee on June 26.

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