Stream: The Black Watch, ‘More Lies From the Government’

The Black Watch

The Black Watch haven’t had many protest songs over their long career — and by long, we mean 35 years and 21 albums — but here one is, or something close to it, the new single “More Lies From the Government.”

It arrives just two months after that 21st full-length, “Future Strangers,” and it’s another of songwriter John Andrew Fredrick’s fuzzy, friendly, reflective incursions into the wide world of indie-pop informed by Britpop and post-punk.

“Future Strangers” found Fredrick again working with the likes of Rob Campanella (of The Quarter After, et al) and Andy Creighton (The World Record), key allies on recent TBW albums.

And album No. 22 is on the way, this interview tells us. It’s titled “The Morning Papers Have Given Us the Vapours.”

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