Video: Evangeline, ‘Neighborhood’

Evangeline (Photo by Shervin Lainez)

Nothing to see here, just a woman, dressed in black, unhurried, walking her pig down a street in Los Angeles.

The video for “Neighborhood,” starring Pumba and directed by Daniel Rashid, is a wink and a nod at all the beautiful longing on Evangeline’s debut EP, “Fuzzy,” released today. The EP, made with producer and multi-instrumentalist Dillon Casey (Weyes Blood), has the glow of fireside chat, each confessional throwing off sparks.

“I wanted these songs to sound carefree and for the instrumentation and production to be as warm as possible, but I wrote them over the last three years about emotions and relationships that weathered me,” says Evangeline (fka Eva B. Ross, born Evangeline Barrosse). “The years made me soft. I brought these songs to Dillon Casey and we spent the last couple years experimenting musically. These songs are where we landed. They’re about unresolved emotions. Feelings I had difficulty perceiving clearly in the moment … the feelings I feel moved to write about. Heartbreak songs full of yearning, love songs filled with insecurity, songs about wasting time that are full of anxiety, songs about trying to get to know someone when you’re still not exactly sure who you are.”

Pumba, also the EP’s cover model.

“The pig with the angel wings,” Evangeline says. “That’s aiming for hope, despite reality. Or maybe in spite of reality. It’s also a nod to a sculpture I grew up driving by in my hometown. FUZZY feels throwaway … kinda the same way that, another girl with a guitar writing songs feels throwaway … And it is! But for me, it’s heavy and hopeful. Kinda like a pig with wings.”

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