Ears Wide Open: Charm School

Charm School

Louisville native Andrew Sellers has released music under the name Andrew Rinehart for a about a decade, covering a mixed bag of styles as whimsically as one would try on shoes.

Charm School (not to be confused with the NYC band of the same name) is Sellers’ new project with longtime collaborators Matt Filip and Drew English and drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bemis Lawrence. And it couldn’t be further from, say, the duet he did with Bonnie “Prince” Billy a couple years back. We didn’t refer to him as a “chameleon” in 2020 for nothing.

“Simulacra” situates the quartet’s music squarely in the dark post-punk of the 1980s. The single was mixed by Nick Roeder and Sellers, with an assist from Steve Albini.

With Sellers back in his hometown after some years in L.A., Charm School plans to release their debut EP, “Finite Jest,” on July 21.

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