Video: Oddnesse, ‘The Chills’


The dreamy indie-rock of singer-songwriter Rebeca Arango — aka Oddnesse — has been known to induce the chills — witness her collection of singles that came out in 2021. Now she has a song titled “The Chills.”

It’s her second release of 2023, following the more upbeat “Drive Your Car,” the Grey Goon/Casey Feldman collaboration that came out in March.

The languid video for “The Chills” was co-directed by Meredith Adelaide and finds Oddnesse communing with nature as she reckons with leaving or staying. “Was I born to be wild? / Have I had enough of the Hollywood Hills? / I’d hate to leave town without you / I guess if I have to I will,” she sings, saving the real chills for the closing verse.

||| Watch: The video for “The Chills”

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