Video: Knower, ‘Crash the Car’

Knower (Photo by Richard Thompson)

The unstoppable, shape-shifting force that is Knower will issue a new album Friday. “Knower Forever” will be a Bandcamp-only release (no streaming services, they say).

And the positively dizzying singles Knower has released so far are next-level. Genevieve Artadi and Louis Cole employed a host of ace players, including Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes, Jacob Mann and Paul Cornish. For “I Am the President,” Artadi and Cole invited an entire orchestra and choir over to the house (seriously, just watch the video). Solos by Rai Thistlethwayte (on keys) and Gendel (on sax), along with Cole’s drum breaks, make “The Abyss” a thrill ride.

“Crash the Car,” which premiered this afternoon, is a choir-backed R&B ballad, with Artadi soaring over warm keys and piano. By the time the strings and David Binney’s sax come in, hearts are melted.

If nothing else, the videos will make you long for an invite to Knower’s next house party.

||| Watch: The video for “Crash the Car”

||| Also: Watch the video for “The Abyss” and “I’m the President”