Stream: Frankie Bird (fka FRANKIE), ‘Twenty Nothing’

Frankie Bird (Photo by Sam Berger)

Bay Area-bred singer-songwriter Frankie Miller first won hearts when she began releasing music as FRANKIE in 2015, making euphoric pop more reliant on smarts and charisma than production gimmickry.

Three EPs, a handful of singles and eight years later, the songwriter today reintroduces herself as Frankie Bird. Her new single “Twenty Nothing” looks back fondly (and not so) on her twenties with the sly guilelessness of 1970s folk-pop singers. It’s her first release since 2021.

“‘Twenty Nothing’ is all about the high highs and low lows of my twenties and how I figured out how to push forward and reinvent myself during the pandemic; not just as a musician, but as a person. How I turned nothing into something,” Frankie Bird says. “During lockdown I started writing songs on my guitar just for me, processing everything I had gone through to help me heal, never thinking they would ever be recorded or released. ‘Twenty Nothing’ was the song I was most nervous to share with people because it was everything I was too scared to say out loud and ironically is the first I’m sharing.

“The music video is filled with metaphors; different ages throughout the decade, people flooding in and out depending on my status, feeling easily replaceable, feeling frozen in time while everyone else moves on with their lives, breaking down and momentum stopping, to finally being saved by my guitar as it takes me to where I was always meant to be.”

||| Watch: The video for “Twenty Nothing”