Video: Amindi, ‘Diddy Crop’

Amindi (Photo by Breyona Holt)

Two years since the arrival of her eight-song EP “Nice,” 23-year-old Amindi has announced that she’ll release a new mixtape, “Take What You Need,” on Sept. 15.

She calls her smooth, easygoing style “pastel rap” — magnetic production that accents her effervescent vocals. “I consider myself a rapper deep down because I value the word,” says. “But it’s pastel because if you listen, you’d feel a little pink.”

In June, Amindi released the single “Green House” before announcing the new mixtape last week with the song “Diddy Crop,” an inside joke turned outward. “P. Diddy is notorious for skillfully-editing people out of his photos, and I think it’s hilarious and valid,” she says. “In this song, I say ‘I crop a nigga out like Diddy.’ I’ll make it look like you were never here, dummy.”

Of the mixtape, Amindi says that it’s “like if I burned you a CD of songs that I like that’s still enjoyable on shuffle … I know that every song is not going to be for everybody, but I’m so confident that there’s at least one song on here for everybody — it’s like trail mix. I just want people to walk away with their M&M.”

Director Elijah Chauvin captures some fun times in the video for the track.

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